Cross Platform Mobile App Development Services in Charlotte, NC


Ami Web Solution here comes with huge experience of developing many cross platform mobile apps. Using the cross platform mobile application technique wide range of mobile application for mobile devices and platforms we can make. We offers cross platform mobile application development services with lowest cost.



It is owned by Microsoft .Using Xamarin you can develop Android, iOS and Windows apps with C# codebase. One of the most prominent features of Xamarin is it allows code sharing in multiple platforms. It is also having cloud service, which allows testing any number of devices.
It is now owned by Adobe and is based on the open source Apache Cordova project and is completely free to use, which goes some way to explain its explain its popularity. With its excellent features PhoneGap has become the most well-known cross-platform mobile app development brand within the development community.
An open source framework allowing the creation of native mobile apps on platforms including iOS, Android and Windows UWP from single JavaScript codebase, developed by Appcelerator.
Being a backend service it helps developers and enterprises to set up and operate a cloud backend for their mobile, tablet and web apps. Using Kinvey (The leading enterprise Backend as a Service (mBaaS) platform) you can easily secure mobile data and identify, standardize backend integrations, and scale up or down with turn-on infrastructure.
It's SDK allows developers to build on top of their core components, saving hundreds of man-hours of coding. On the other hand there is an app for iPad as well which provides the fastest, simplest publishing platform for creating content optimized for mobile devices, without the need for programming skills.

Cross-platform apps makes you to react more number of users no matter the location, income or device type. Most of these tools let you focus on what matters the most: delighting your users.