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We are 100% sure and confident that you’ll fall in love with our new concept for your website design or application development. This is precisely why we provide you with a customized mockup even before you pay a single penny or sign a contract with us. Once you approve the mock up screens/pages, our team will work on it further. In case you don’t like what we have done for you, or changed mind about your project for any reason, there would be no obligations to sign any contract or make any payment for the mock up we created for you.

Step 1 – Fill the Contact Form

Simply fill the details on the contact form on this page and we will arrange a phone call or video conference at the time that works for you.  If you’re located in Charlotte NC or surrounding area, we’ll be happy to meet you at our uptown office, your business location, bar or coffee shop.


We’re usually available Monday to Friday during business hours by appointment.  If you like to schedule time after business hours during weekdays or anytime during weekend, just let us know.  We’ll work something out.  We’re always happy to meet new clients and learn about different business challenges.

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Two people meeting and discussing

Step 2 – Initial Interaction over Phone, in Person or Skype

Initially, we will take around thirty minutes to one hour or may be longer to discuss your project. Our team members may also ask you several questions to assess your goals behind developing the app or the website.


We will also want to know your primary functional needs, problem your business needs to solve, how it impact will your business, approximate delivery time and other details to provide you with the best results.

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Step 3 – Proposal Time

We will provide you with a project proposal within two to three days via email. This would provide you with extensive information about the type of services and features we will offer in addition to the project timeline and a price quote.

If you have any questions about proposal, we’ll be happy to answer them, add, remove or adjust any details to the proposal at this point.  If you find the budget, timeframe and scope appropriate, we will then move further and provide you with a free of cost Mockup design.


Remember, you haven’t signed any contract or paid any amount yet. At this point, we just want to make sure that we all are on the same page about everything.

Man writing proposal
Discovery about the project

Step 4 – Meeting to Discover Your Project

We shall now schedule a call to discover your project further. This is where we garner all the other relevant details, ask a series of questions, attain clarifications with regards to your project’s vision as well as define our successful strategies for building your fresh app or website.


At this point, we like to learn everything about how your business works, how does the website or application integrate with your business, what are your goals from your new website or app.  We’ll make suggestions throughout the project development.  If you have anything specific in mind, this is the time to discuss.

Step 5 – Mock-up Design

Once we have received all the necessary inputs, our team will create a Mockup Design of your website’s homepage or create an application screens (up to three screens of your choice) within seven days.


Remember, this is only an initial draft and if you choose to work with us then we will provide you with unlimited revisions until you all requirements are met and you’re happy with end result.

delivery of the mock up
Agreeing to Contract

Step 6 – Contract Time

If you have any changes or suggestions for this mock up, we’ll be happy to do that as many time as needed once we start project.  If you like what we’ve done and like to move forward, then we’ll review initial proposal we sent you.  We will go through all terms & conditions that we had already listed in our initial proposal, sign it and make everything official.

Until this point, you haven’t signed any contract or paid any amount to us.

No Issues or Hard Feelings

In case, we failed to impress you, or you don’t like to move forward with us for any reason, then you are under no obligation to sign a contract or pay anything for the mock-up we created. There are also no issues or hard feelings.


You don’t owe us anything but have instead acquired a better understanding of what you really want in your app or website.  We just ask that you don’t use our work that we’ve created for you.

However, if you decide not to work with us, we ask that you don’t use any of our work for your project.

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